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Congratulations! Not only is serving on the Board of Camp Luther is a tremendous privilege and responsibility you get access to this awesome page of our website! As a board member, the decisions you make will affect the lives of thousands of children and families. What you and your board peers do this year will affect the course of this ministry for years to come.As exciting as your board term will be, it will also be a challenge. In many ways, this is a new era for nonprofit organizations, and you will be called on to provide leadership and guidance. As you set the direction for Camp Luther you will help lead it through issues including strategic planning, increased competition for campers and donor dollars, and developing and protecting the ministry mission. Meeting these and other challenges can make your service rewarding and fulfilling.

This page will be consistently updated so please be sure to check back regularly.  

Past meeting minutes

Will be adding past meeting minutes soon.


January 2016

February 2016

March AGM 2016

March 8 2016

Board member information

Your personal copy of Camp Luther’s Board Member Manual was given to you in your Board Binder at your first board meeting.  If you have not received a Board Binder or would like a new one please let us know. 

This manual is under review by the Board Member Manual Task Force.  The current Manual is posted here. 

The Task Force was formed to review and redesign our current manual to make sure its effectiveness in guiding you in the roles and responsibilities you will take on as a board member.

Click here for the Board Manual.

2016 / 2017 Board of Directors Contact List