control measures

Control measures are first broken down by our 4-step general protocol list as recommended by WorkSafe British Columbia (BC):

1) Elimination

2) Engineering Controls

3) Administrative Controls, and

4) Personal Protective Equipment.

1st level protection: elimination

Reduced occupancy for each building. These numbers are posted appropriately.

  • Main Camp Dining Hall & Chapel: 50
  • Retreat Centre: 32
  • Cabins 1, 2, 9, 10, 11: 7
  • Cabins 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 12: 5

Implemented measures to keep workers and guests at least 2m apart.

  • Re-organized work stations
  • Spaced out seating
  • Reduced number of guests on-site
  • Signage indicating room capacities, directional signage and other guidance where appropriate

Staff and Guests are should not attend work if they are feeling ill or have traveled out of the country within 14 days.

Guests are asked to not visit if they are feeling ill or have traveled out of the country within 14 days. 

Camp Staff are asked no to come to work if they are feeling ill or have traveled out of the country withing 14 days.

Groups cancellation policies have been adapted. 

2nd level protection: engineering

  • Hand sanitizer dispensers located in multiple locations
  • limited access to certain buildings

3rd level protection: administrative

  • Established rules and guidelines for employee conduct (Appendix A)
  • Staff rules and guidelines are communicated through signage, training, and Google Docs communication.
  • Hand-washing signage posted at every sink
  • Cleaning documentation for each building
  • Proper hygiene practice posters are posted in the kitchens and housekeeping rooms
  • Prior to returning to work, the staff must read our COVID guidelines, protocols, and necessary safety information. In addition, staff must read and understand their responsibilities and sign a document.
  • Group leader will be sent an agreement form outlining COVID guideline and protocols prior to their arrival to be shared with their group. Group leader must read and sign this document on group’s behalf to ensure they understand their responsibilities and risk.
  • Group leader is responsible to keep an accurate contact list of group members

4th level protection: personal protective equipment (PPE)

  • Housekeeping staff will use masks and disposable gloves appropriately when cleaning facilities.
  • Correct use of PPE is outlined HERE and proper PPE usage will be communicated to all staff and visitors and through signage and policy.