The main building complex

The existing multi-purpose building that houses the kitchen, dining room, chapel and covered outdoor activity space is truly the heart of Camp Luther summer camp operations. The same is true during most of the other 10 months of the year, as the number and variety of community, church, and non-profit groups that book the Conference Centre facilities continues to grow. 

our plan


To expand these three key facilities involves a complete redesign of the building by adding a second floor to create a true Multi-Purpose Complex that would not only meet the demands of our current capacity, but also ensure there is room for growth for the future. 


As it currently exists, groups larger than 150 cannot comfortably meet or eat together, because the interior spaces we have are not large enough. In the concept designs (to be given out soon), the lower floor would feature a dining space with capacity for 300 people, serviced by a large modern kitchen.


In the new upper level, a large Chapel and separate meeting space would provide an event and presentation space large enough to host 300 people.