With COVID-19 affecting all aspects of camp, this also affects our Capital Campaign. Below are some questions you might have about it (as well as the answers!)

Are we still moving forward with the Capital Campaign?

The campaign is on pause for now.  While we are under limited operations and staffing due to the effects of the pandemic, we are not actively campaigning to members, friends, or the public. However, the donations to the capital fund, as well as our general operating fund are much needed and gratefully accepted.


Will funds acquired from the Capital Campaign be diverted to Camp Operations in this crisis?

Camp has lost a significant amount of revenue due to the lack of guest groups using our facilities this spring, summer and fall, but we are committed to keeping the funds from the capital campaign completely separate from camp operations. We are currently looking into government subsidies and donations from our members and friends of Camp Luther to keep the camp operating during this crisis. If you would like to contribute during this time click here.   


How has COVID-19 affected the projected timeline?

Our plan was to start renovations on the main building in Fall 2020, but we committed to only sign building contracts once donor commitment reached 85%. Because of these unique times, it will take longer than planned to reach that goal. We are unable to accurately project the new timeline due to the uncertainty of how this pandemic will affect camp, but we are hopeful it will be back on track when possible.


What do I do if I my current pledge amount has been affected?

If you are concerned about your financial situation and are uncertain about whether you can continue with your current pledge amount, please contact our office 


Is the camp still expecting me to fulfill my pledge to the campaign? If you wish to change your pledge and have it directed to our general fund please let our office know. 


What is happening with the loan approved at the AGM?

In view of the unprecedented time we are in, the Board passed

a motion: "that we do not spend funds for the designs for the building permit, unless we receive those funds by donation in their entirety". 

We will not borrow money to complete the plans to permit at this time.

If you have any questions about the Capital Campaign - please email