Whether it’s a day trip, an overnight getaway or a week long retreat, we offer many options to meet your groups' needs and budget. Camp is a place to explore the outdoors, get some fresh air and have some fun! Our camp has a wide range of activities and spaces for your group to enjoy. 

Our staff are able to lead both BLOCKS and PROGRAMS.

When you rent our facility you have a choice to run your own programming, or let our qualified staff run specific BLOCKS or PROGRAMS. Both our BLOCKS and PROGRAMS can be geared towards your group dynamics. Whether your group is a sports team or an elementary class, the experience will be built for you.



BLOCKS are one hour activity slots lead by our trained camp staff. They are offered to enhance your experience while you are at our facility. You lead and direct your own program and choose a few BLOCKS to fit into your schedule. 

- archery

- nature discovery

- team building

- canoeing

- project adventure initiatives

- high energy games


PROGRAMS are a complete trip experience where we are able to offer a full day of programming (approx. four hours) for your group. Our trained staff will lead all the activities while engaging the students in common theme throughout the day. 

Exploring The Outdoors - nature discovery, project adventure, canoeing and team building

Building A-Team - team building, archery and group games

Getting Creative - craft station, puppetry, nature exploration and group games  

All BLOCK and PROGRAM costs vary based on group size and what you choose.

School Group Brochure - Check out our brochure for more information about what we offer and

how we can work with you 

If you are interested or have any questions, email