Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can we have a tour and actually talk to someone in person?  

Our Program Manager (click here to set up a tour) would love to give you a guided tour of the facilities and answer any questions you may have! Call today for a tour or to chat with our staff directly to have your questions answered. 1.888.707.2267

Q. Is there a Family Discount?  

Family Discount - (Youth Camps) - for additional children in the same immediate family, deduct $25 for the 2nd child, $50 for the 3rd, $75 for the 4th, etc..   

Q. What is our Cancellation & Refund Policy? 

1-6 month prior to camp - full refund

2-4 weeks prior to camp - refund minus $50 cancellation fee

0-2 weeks prior to camp - no refund

Q. Can my child be in a cabin with their friends? 

Yes. First, all cabins are arranged into the same gender, so friends or siblings must be of the same gender to be in the same cabin. When you register online, there is a space to write in requests for cabin buddies. We will try our best to accommodate. Please make sure all requests are made on the registration form prior to camp. We will try our best to accommodate last minute requests however the more notice the better.  

Q. Who are your cabin leaders? 

We have a thorough interview process and hire a team of highly qualified Sr Cabin Leaders every summer. All of them are 17 or older. This team of Sr Staff spends 7 days of training and bonding prior to our summer season. They all require heavy screening process and police checks before working. Our Sr Staff also give leadership to different aspects of our program and mentorship to our Jr Staff who assist our Sr Staff. Our Jr Staff team is made of high school volunteers who work one, two or three weeks of the summer. There is an application and interview process that they all go through and after being accepted they too participate in a training. Each cabin has 1 Sr Staff and 2 Jr Staff. We have 2 Assistant Summer Directors who along with our Program Manager and Executive Director, give direction to the program.  

Q. My child is coming for the first time, what should they bring?

Here is a list of items you should bring: sleeping bag, pillow, weather appropriate clothes (sweater/jacket), running shoes, toothbrush, toothpaste, toiletries, bathing suit, towel, flashlight, Bible.  You do not need to send snacks or money, as each camper receives $2/day of snacks from our canteen.  

Q. Do you have a camp nurse? 

Our Camp hires a full time First Aid worker for our summer months. This person holds a minimum of an Advanced first aid course (i.e. Ocupational first Aid level 1, Wilderness First Aid etc...) and is responsible for dispensing all the necessary medications.  


Q. Can I contact my child, or can my child contact me while at camp? 

We generally don't encourage phone calls to or from home except in special cases. In general cases it simply adds to the child's homesickness. However, if it's your child's first time at camp you can request a first 48 hours update from our staff. They will email or call and provide an update on how your child is doing. 

If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to call!  

1.888.707.2267 or email us.