Camp Luther currently has the following positions available:

Assistant Food Services Manager/ Sous Chef -

Essentially this position is responsible for the preparation of all meals served to campers, guest groups and at special events. This position is accountable to the Food Service Manager (FSM).

More specifically duties will include;

• Assist the FSM in the creation of menus for campers and guest groups.

• Assist the FSM ordering food & supplies and controlling the inventory to ensure the costs are minimized.

• Assist the FSM in hiring and training staff to meet requirements of the kitchen.

• Maintain a clean safe environment in the kitchens and dining areas of the camp.

• Prepare and serve all meals as required.

• Work with the Program Manger to coordinate, train, and involve volunteers.

• Ensure that Camp Luther maintains accredited status within the BC Camping Association, adhering to the BCCA Standards Manual at all times.

• Work with the FSM and the Guest Groups manager to review and ensure all guests are satisfied with their camp experience to ensure all guests are satisfied with their camp experience and to review / develop menus on a regular basis.

Please email resume to Heide Warren, heide@campluther.ca