Why Summer Camp?

We believe that camp is a place where campers need to experience real relationships and real love that will follow them home into real life. Now, more than ever kids need to experience the outdoors and be in community.  Check out this website -http://thepowerofcamp.com/why-camp/ for further information on the power of camp; it has powerful statistics on the importance of children being outdoors, in a positive community, with young adult mentors.  Our staff make that happen! Each summer our team is dedicated to ensuring every camper has a safe, fun experience, filled with Christ’s love.  

Kids get to experience these activities at all camps...archery, canoeing, kayaking, board surfing, extreme wide games, crafts, street hockey, skits, campfires, goofy cabin inspectors, slip and slide, waterslide, rockin’ chapel times, trampolines, talent shows, canteen, tons of new friends... and more!  Not only do they get to do these things they probably wouldn't do at home - most importantly - campers get to live a week alongside others with leaders wanting to invest and be positive role models for them.

With over 65 years of ministry, Camp Luther has become a great summer tradition for many. On lakefront property, with great facilities, incredible staff, fabulous food, awesome activities and affordable rates, this is the perfect place to spend a week of your summer.

What makes a difference in the lives of children and teens is meaningful relationships, we have a better than 3:1 camper to staff ratio. 

If you have never been here before, contact our office to arrange a guided tour of the camp and it’s ministry.