Our camp cohort is going to be split into 3 different colour groups, which will all have different drop off zones. 

The RED TEAM will be behind the Retreat Center (the gravel driveway immediately before the main camp driveway), 

the GREEN team will meet at the Main Gym Entrance (the main parking lot), 

and the BLUE team will meet at the Waterfront (down at the very end of the gravel driveway).

We’ll tell you which group your camper is in in our email that we send out 1 week before camper starts. 

First day drop off

On the first day of Drop OFF, we’ll be checking in with you to make sure we know who is authorized to pick your child up each day, what your emergency contact information is, as well as if there are any medications or health concerns we need to be made aware of. 

Our whole process is set up so that you don’t even need to leave your car! 

Once you have gone through all the checkpoints, your child can hop out of the car and start their day. 

Please note: we kindly ask that all adults stay in their cars and wear masks during drop-off/pick up times. 

COVID questions

At Drop OFF we will have a quick question check as required by our PHO guidelines. 

We will be asking:

1) Does your child have any COVID-19 symptoms?
 (Symptoms are considered unusual/abnormal: Fever/chills, cough, loss of smell or taste, difficulty breathing, sore throat, loss of appetite, extreme fatigue, headache or body aches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. 

2) Is your child currently required to self-isolate? 

Throughout the day, we will be doing our best to provide kids with a safe and fun camp environment. We will be doing our best to be outside as much as possible, to have distance between campers, and encourage good hand hygiene. 

We recognize some parents and campers may be nervous going back to camp, or even coming here for the first time! 

For more tips on how to prepare your child for camp, we recommend you check out: