A message FROM our Executive Director

May 27, 2020

Dear Friends of Camp Luther,

The last few months posed significant challenges for Camp Luther as we have had to make significant operational adjustments amidst the uncertainty of COVID-19. Based on the direction of Dr. Bonnie Henry and the Ministry of Health, our Board of Directors has made the difficult decision to suspend regular summer camps through August 31, 2020.

This is difficult. Unimaginable. For many of us, heartbreaking even as adults. Suspending camp for the season is a tremendous loss for the people who have been longing for those few weeks in the summer where they can truly be themselves. Where they can reunite with their best friends, where they can use their imaginations and where they can belong. However, while camp as we have known it for 70 years will take a pause, God is still at work. His love is constant and His grace is given in abundance. We have peace knowing God goes before us, behind us and alongside us as we journey through this season together.

We have notified those registered about their options for their current payment to our Summer 2020 camps. Click here for more information.

As you can imagine, with the cancellation of our Spring Guest Group rentals, as well as Summer Camp, our financial situation has been severely impacted. We are welcoming donations to help with our ongoing financial commitments.

The countdown now officially begins for Summer 2021. Thanks for continuing to be a part of our Camp Luther Family. We will get through this crisis together, and we will adapt as necessary to the new realities we find ourselves facing.

Matt Castle,

Executive Director