Our site is presently closed to guests and visitors. We are evaluating alternative projects or programs with small groups of people that we might have onsite, and must therefore continue to restrict additional guests and visitors at this time. If you are interested in bringing a small group to camp for a retreat or gathering in late summer or fall, please contact Niki, our Guest Groups Manager, who can help as details become available:

Guest group? School Group? Youth Group? 

  • Guest Groups

    The perfect retreat get-a-way that isn't too far from home! If you've got a scrapbooking weekend, or a men's retreat, a family reunion or a mid-week conference planned - we can help sort out the details and provide you with quality services. Click the icon to see our three facilities!

  • School Groups

    Looking to bring your class to the great outdoors of Camp Luther? We offer a variety of programming that coincides with your curriculum planning - and we do all the work! Click the picture above to see what we offer!