how can we help?

At Camp Luther, we know the impact and power of camp and we feel it is important to give everyone the opportunity to paddle and come to camp! We do not want finances to be the reason that some children and families don't get to experience camp.  

Here are two ways to get help to attend summer camp:

  • 1. ugm sponsorship

    Our camp has an established relationship with Union Gospel Mission (UGM) who work alongside to provide financial assistance. UGM has helped many campers get to Camp Luther for many years and has been a blessing for us to be part of their work. Their sponsorship opportunities are for children and youth ages 6-18 and for families

    Click here for more information about their sponsorship.

  • 2. green paddle campaign

    Through our Green Paddle Campaign (our campership fund), donors give to help others get to camp. Our camperships are available to everyone and anyone. Even if $20 off would make a difference, we want to help. 

    Please call our 604-826-7062 (1-888-707-2267).We'd love to start the conversation with you. 

    (M-F, 10:00 AM-3:00 PM)

    You can speak with Katelyn (Camp's wonderful Office Manager) or Matt (our Camp's Executive Director).  They are both excited to find out how we can help.