Our Mission & Membership

Camp Luther is made of a membership of people who care about camp! Originally founded by several Lutheran Congregations as a Summer Bible Camp for youth and families, denominational lines have faded over the past seven decades as Camp Luther has grown to become a place that’s open to everyone. 

As we enter our 71st year, we are excited for the ongoing opportunities to fulfill our camping mission that intentionally seeks to build relationships with those who come to camp. Although we have entered strange times with Covid-19, our desire to continue to connect with people has grown from the vision and commitment of our dedicated team of staff and volunteers who love Jesus and want others to experience the transformative power of a relationship with God. 

Since 1950, Camp Luther has been a summer tradition for over 250,000 individuals and families across the Fraser Valley. Throughout these many years of ministry, we have witnessed countless examples of how summer camp changes lives. It’s what inspires our team to keep serving God through this ministry. 

Operating as a non-profit Society, Camp Luther is a registered charity with the Canadian Revenue Agency, fully accredited by the B.C. Camping Association. Camp Luther is also a member of the Fellowship of Christian Camps.

And when it comes to membership ...

. . . about membership

Camp Luther Association is a non-denominational association that exists with it's own Constitution and Bylaws.  Our Membership is not about value for dollars; it’s about counting yourself in on building a community that extends beyond the camp experience; it’s about being active participants, rather than passive recipients, of what we are building.

We’re working to provide more for our members. At this point, you’ll get AGM voting power and first opportunities on getting involved and many other opportunities to serve.

What’s expected of me?

Our hope for members is that, as a group, they will provide a strong, unified and influential voice that helps shape the future of camp. To do this, we will present members with a variety of connection points during the year to engage in the life of camp. We’d like each member to take advantage of one or more of these opportunities to connect with peers, board members, staff & campers.

More questions? Reach out! The Board, office, or other members would be happy to chat. Or, if you're already interested, why not fill out a Camp Luther Membership Application? This is available by emailing

Thanks for looking more into camp's membership.