Building Project Update:

Exploring New Options and Priorities


We wanted to provide you with an UPDATE on our ongoing building project and share some significant conclusions that have emerged from recent planning and evaluations.

Firstly, it's important to acknowledge that we continue to operate within spatial constraints, and the pressing need for, along with the commitment to build a new kitchen and dining hall facility remains unchanged. However, as we delve deeper into the project, our staff and board have reached several significant conclusions that will greatly influence the direction of our efforts moving forward.

1.      Exploring Different, More Feasible Options: It has become evident that we must explore alternative solutions that are more feasible given our resources and constraints. We are now running another facility with the start-up of programs at Tulahead last summer. While it has been successful, we are learning about the financial commitment it takes to start up a whole new facility. Therefore, we need to be very mindful of finances as we proceed with this project.

2.      Less Disruptive Build: Recognizing the impact of construction activities on our property operations, we are committed to pursuing a building process that minimizes disruption to our daily operations. Losing guest group revenue during construction would likely have lasting effects, as once repeat groups leave, it may be challenging to bring them back. Additionally, we need to keep our ministry going uninterrupted, as any interruptions could negatively impact our programs.

3.      Shorter Build Time: Time is of the essence, and we understand the urgency of completing this project efficiently. Therefore, we are prioritizing options that offer shorter build times while still meeting our quality and functionality requirements.

These conclusions mark a significant shift in our project's direction and priorities. Moving forward, we will focus our efforts on identifying and evaluating options that align with these key considerations. It's essential that we approach this project with flexibility and creativity to find the best possible solution for our organization.

At this point we do not have a lot of answers but have suggestions that we are exploring. Once we understand the realistic possibilities available to us, we will continue to share with those interested about the possibilities.

Thanks again for your support of this ministry! We look forward to sharing with you next steps.

now is the time

Camp Luther has experienced significant growth over recent years in both the number of summer campers and guest groups using the facilities throughout the year. In a typical year, Camp Luther hosts over 5000 people in group rental activities and over 800 summer campers. Key facilities, like the Main Building which is over 60 years old and houses the Dining Hall, Kitchen and Chapel, have become stretched beyond reasonable capacity.


The existing Main Building and covered outdoor activity space is the heart of Camp Luther. Presently, the small, cramped kitchen space operates at maximum capacity-and beyond-and it’s the same with space in the dining hall and the chapel. We believe that ‘Now is the Time’ to build with a vision to expand these key facilities essential to the Camp Luther experience.

A message from matt Castle "The colonel"

Since Camp Luther opened its doors in 1950, it has been a thriving camp where real relationships are formed, real love is demonstrated, and the real lives of individuals seeking to grow in their faith is apparent. Our summer camps have and continue to change the lives of thousands of campers. Time singing around the campfire, eating together in the dining hall, and growing in faith through chapels have continued to keep us connected on our beautiful seven acres on Hatzic Lake. These connections started in 1950 through the opening of Camp Luther and have continued throughout the past 74 years. Praise God for His faithfulness!

Every year, more people are able to make real connections through our safe and fun environment and facilities at Camp Luther. Through finding belonging at Camp Luther, campers are able to grow in their faith and discover God’s love for them.

After recovering from lost momentum from the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been blessed with full camps for Summer 2024 at Camp Luther. As an answer to prayer, God provided us more bunks to fill through a second site at Camp Tulahead in Princeton which we launched summer 2023 and what an incredible first summer!  From the very first day, we saw our campers come alive with the same spirit, joy, and faith that have defined Camp Luther. The love and support we received from dedicated individuals like you made it all possible. 

We have exciting new opportunities to grow a flourishing ministry at Camp Tulahead. As well, we have a chance to develop and grow our facilities at Camp Luther to accommodate our increased demand and continue to provide campers, as well as guest groups, amazing experiences at camp!

With anticipation of God’s continued faithfulness and growth, we know that Now Is the Time to step out in faith to renovate and grow our current Camp Luther facilities.

As we embark on our campaign for financial support to account for this growth and development, we are excited to partner with our members and those who have been positively impacted by Camp Luther Ministries over the years. 

Whether it be a gift of time, prayer, or funds, we are thrilled to move forward together in our growth as a Camp Luther family. Thank you for choosing to join in whatever capacity possible to support our campaign because Now Is the Time at Camp Luther Ministries.

The building

Camp Luther Ministries current plan.  Create a NEW main building space, currently in the designing stages.  The NEW main building will be designed to host more people.  STAY TUNED for final plans being released this Winter 2024.

How Can i help?

We invite you to join us in praying for Camp. We want to acknowledge the Lord's faithfulness in sustaining Camp Luther for 74 years, and do not want to take our growth for granted. Pray that God would continue to use Camp to provide a safe and fun place where campers and guests can experience His love in real ways, to the glory of His Name.

Ask God to lead you in what ways you may be able to support future projects, specifically in the giving of your finances.

Give to this legacy build


Thanks for being a part of camp!

Have questions? Reach out to Sarah Manuel, our Advancement Director, at