Fun for families

We are here for YOU! We've heard from people all over the place who have used some of these resources and ideas while they are home for different reasons. Rainy weekend, bored with nothing to do, or just need some things to do with your crew! 

We've found some stuff that we think you might find useful! 

Have questions or resources you'd like us to share? 


  • Classroom Projects, Essentials and Checklists

    Most kids spend a lot of time learning things like math and reading in school. As important as these subjects are, it’s also a good idea for kids to know how to work with their hands to build and create things. Even if you don’t have a workbench at home with tools and equipment, you can still learn how to build and fix all sorts of things. Your creative skills might even help you design and build new inventions that can solve problems or make life easier.


    Who loves IKEA? Who loves fortbuilding? In this hilarious post, you can build your own 5-star fort with IKEA products! What can YOU create?


    This is a phenomenal resource! They have online Bible stories for kids that have crafts and questions you can do that relate to them! CHECK THEM OUT!


    From weekly church services, blog posts, virtual youth groups, stuff for kids - check this church out! They have lots of stuff!


    From recipes to activities, home adventures to videos - this Disney Blog has amazing resources to keep you busy!

  • Ross Road Community Church

    They have their services streamed, content for youth (middle and high school) as well as stuff for kids! Check them out!

  • village church

    They have online content for the whole family! Check out their website for more information!


    These are fun & insightful videos for kids, K-Gr5, to watch while they are at home! They are posting 3 videos a week! Check them out here!

  • Family Scheduling

    A mom, who is in the same shoes as a lot of you, created a family schedule and all of the helpful tools along with it!


    PBS put out a great article about everything that's going on. It's a good read!

  • 50+ Indoor activities

    Keep the kids having fun and engaged with these 50+ easy indoor activities - using household and recycled items!

  • 100 activities to do at home

    With all of the school closures, here are some activities that you can do with supplies at home or you could find for cheap!

  • 15 musicals to watch online

    Playbill, a musical theatre database, published places to watch Broadway Musicals! A great break in your typical movie/tv watching time!

  • imagination in a box

    From Disneyland itself! A free online program (32 videos) that aims to ignite curiosity, inspire creativity, and encourage innovation in the minds of everyone! It's a hands-on and super do-able at home!


    This site is the real deal. This is a great place to look at ways to 'Learn From Home!'

  • 75+ Educational activities

    The title says it all! A site definitely worth checking out if you are looking for some new ideas!

  • BRain breaks

    These are brain breaks, which are a collection of Youtube Videos, to get your kids up and grooving! A great way to have exercise and FUN!

  • 30+ Free Scavenger hunts

    A former teacher turned parent - she's got some great ideas for some cool scavenger hunts you can create for your crew at home!

  • The 72

    An online bible study for youth and young adults on Wednesday Nights - run through CLBI (Canadian Lutheran Bible Institute) ... we think these guys are pretty awesome!

  • Virtual tour of wyoming

    Interested in virtually exploring a beautiful part of the world? Check out this fun tour of Wyoming's famous landmarks and national parks!