12 days of Christmas

Summer camp style

Drive -thru light display

december 8 & 9

The 12 days of Christmas Summer Camp style is a Holiday experience like no other! Located in Camp Luther, Mission BC, The 12 days of Christmas Summer Camp style is an innovative and convenient experience for families in the lower mainland. Spectacular lights, dazzling displays,  and so much more make up this memorable Christmas experience for people of all ages. Listen to fun Christmas music while you comfortably drive through in your car.  This is our First Year finally being able to make this 3 year idea come to life! Come and enjoy the merriest and brightest Christmas event around!


Below are a few answers to frequently asked questions to help with your experience at this year's event.

December 8 & 9

6pm - 8pm both nights

  • NO!  There is no cost for this event.  We do hope that those visiting would consider a donation to our campership fund or to Camp Luther general fund.  

  • 6pm-8pm

  • The event can take about 15 minutes depending on how long you chat with the Colonel!

  • Yes.  Patrons are not allowed to get out of their car except at washroom stops. 

    We ask that patrons do not get out of their vehicle to take photos throughout the drive-thru experience.

  • No, the event will continue in the rain. In fact, the rain makes the lights shine even brighter! We will do our best to inform you about event news on our Facebook page. 

  • Passenger vehicles, motorcycles, limos and mini-buses that meet size restrictions are all welcome at the event. (No taller than 12ft, no wider than 8.5ft, and no longer than 30ft.)

    Sorry, no motorhomes, RV's or trailers. The vehicles may not fit through some of the displays.

  • Yes, restrooms are located in the Gym and there are a couple of parking options for that only.