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NEW season and chapter

We are excited to share about the new opportunity for Camp Luther.  

Over three years ago God started a process of moving our camps into their next chapters of ministry.  The process has been a prayer filled, thorough and well discussed.  Camp Tulahead’s Board of Directors and members went through a process of discerning which camp shared it’s values of   Leadership, Innovation, Relationships, Spiritual Development, Responsible Stewardship.


Camp Luther shares these values and our 72 years of ministry is evidence of that. Their members voted to gift the ministry over to Camp Luther and our members voted in favor of accepting the opportunity and are ready to move our ministries forward. 


The final details of the process are almost complete! 


As you can imagine we will need some time to familiarize ourselves with the property, build a team and assess where things are at.   A proper assessment of the property, buildings, equipment etc. is important and will take some time. Once we have gone through a thorough assessment we will then be able to make decisions about summer and fall plans.

As we move forward we want to keep our members and camp families informed.  It is the desire of both camps to have it’s members and families be part of this new chapter and continue to write our camp stories together.


We will be updating this page as we move into the assessment phase of the process.  

Thanks for being a part of Camp!

Matt Castle, Executive Director

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FALL 2021

November 2021

Being at camp now for over 17 years I always love the fall as it reminds me of the importance of seasons and reflecting on the past season. The leaves here at camp are turning wonderful fall colors and I am reminded of God's faithfulness through all seasons!  We have much to celebrate this past year!  We had campers back on site, welcomed guests back this fall and have started to rebuild our team! 

As we head towards the end of the year and look to 2022, it is important to always be grateful for how God has provided and continue to lean on God to give us direction in where we are going.

Please make sure to check your inbox later this month for our Christmas newsletter with updates on staffing, camp and other important camp news! 

Happy Fall!


Matt Castle

Executive Director


Septmeber 2021

Every summer is special and this past summer was no exception.  It was different in so many ways but having campers once again on our grounds made this past summer extra special.  We are so grateful to all the parents who allowed their children to be a part of this camp and all the families who were a part of our Family Camp session.  

We are truly grateful for all who were a part of and made summer 2021 successful and as much as we always start to get excited about the next season we are taking a little extra time this fall to reflect and be thankful for summer 2021.  


Matt Castle

Executive Director


JULY 2021

We are so excited to have Jr. staff and Sr. staff and CAMPERS back at camp! The kitchen is back up and running after a year of being closed down and the sounds of people connecting and having fun is truly amazing! This is the view from my office is truly joyful.  I think someone may have just hit a bullseye! 

(that's archery happening in that picture!)

Thank you to all of you who supported the camp through this difficult season and although we know the uncertainty isn't over we are heading in a great direction!

Check out Camp's new media page for pictures / videos of our camps happening summer!

Once again thanks to all of our camp family who have supported us and helped sustained us through this past year.

(once again) The COLONEL

Matt Castle

Executive Director



You're getting the first looks at camp's new CAMPHITHEATRE located to the right of the waterslide.  Our indoor chapel was already tight during our summer months but this summer we will get to enjoy this new space.  Along with the added benefit of more room, this stage is actually bigger than our current chapel stage!  Are you ready for some crazy skits, songs and game shows?!  We are!  And the best part is we will be outside and the backdrop doesn't get any better than that incredible view!