At Camp Luther we believe that real learning comes from real life experiences.

Through our program, we seek to create a safe, fun, and supportive learning environment where students are encouraged to be collaborative, get creative, think critically, communicate effectively, and build stronger relationships with their peers. Our program is designed to be informative, experiential, and relational as students learn new skills and develop positive relationships with their peers.

Our program at our lake-front property in Mission, BC, offers students and teachers the opportunity to engage in real life learning experiences while supporting BC Curriculum learning outcomes.

We have designed the program to be a full-day field trip for students, and offer a variety of activities to choose from. Each Module focuses on developing a new skill while maintaining the fun of being in a camp atmosphere.

Mission statement

Through our program’s Modules, we seek to facilitate opportunities for students to think creatively, develop critical thinking, communicate effectively, and collaboratively develop positive relationships with others.