FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                                                                


How many children, youth and families usually attend summer camp?

  •          The camp hosts roughly 1,000 campers in a usual year, with approximately 150 summer staff.


How many rental groups use Camp Luther over the calendar year?

  •          Over 100 different groups typically use the main camp, plus another 40-50 groups at Mt. Seymour.


How did COVID-19 affect summer camp over the past two years?

  •          Provincial health officials ordered overnight summer camps were not allowed to operate for 2020. Camp Luther pivoted to an online model. Songs, crafts and puppets helped many families stay connected to our camp for 2020.
  •        For Summer 2021, we were thrilled to have campers back! We offered day-camps on site under the respective COVID-19 operating protocols. We had a God-focused program full of fun activities with new connections, new friendships and lasting memories.


How did COVID-19 affect the rental groups over the past two years?

  •         From March 2020 to August 2021 camp received less than 1% annual revenue from guest group bookings.
  •          When provincial gathering restrictions were eased in September and October of 2021, we were relieved to have groups come back to camp, generating revenue for those couple months.
  •         Unfortunately, restrictions on group gatherings returned for November 2021 as well as devastating flooding in adjacent cities and locally into December 2021. The floods hampered access and caused concern for travel. Our revenue dropped back to minimal for those months.


How many youth leaders get trained (discipled) for leadership positions each summer?

  •          There are 100 High School volunteers and 20 university students with the camp in summer.


How many children/families benefit from the Campership Fund?

  •          Approximately 200 campers benefitted from the summer Campership Fund (2019).


Can the camp increase summer campers or rental groups?

  •          The summer camp is at capacity until more beds are added; there is more capacity for group rentals, especially during the week in the off-season.


Why is there a need for a new kitchen, dining hall and chapel building?

  •          All of these facilities are being used to their maximum capacity for summer programs and many of the guest groups. The age of the buildings is making maintenance more and more difficult and costly. New facilities will allow us to meet our current needs and future growth.


Has a design been looked at for the Main building?

  •          Yes, we are closing in on both the general design of the exterior of the building and the general layout of the interior of the building. Our architects have been calling this the Schematic Design process.

Has the Fraser Valley Regional District (Camp Luther) been approached yet?

  •          Yes, we had a very positive meeting with the FVRD where it was confirmed we could renovate the existing building and add a second floor as long as we keep the building on the same footprint.
  •          Our architects are well aware of the bylaws that must be met with the FVRD and they are carefully preparing a Building Permit package to meet all building codes and requirements to successfully obtain construction permits.


What is the financial plan and who is responsible?

  •          A detailed financial plan is being developed by the Board; as the Building Team gathers accurate details on requirements, including infrastructure [sewer, water, electrical] and FVRD requirements, the financial plan will be completed.  


What is the facility plan for operating the camp during the construction of a new kitchen, dining hall and chapel building?

  •          New facilities would be constructed so that summer camp programs and guest group activities are impacted as little as possible.
  •          The initial plan is based on using the gym during construction to supplement dining and meeting areas that become less available.


Would the construction of new buildings increase summer camp costs?

  •          The idea of undertaking a capital campaign is to raise the funds needed for construction completely separate from camp operational budgets.


How would Camp Luther raise the funds for the new buildings?

  •          The plan is to undertake a financial capital campaign to secure donations and pledges over a three-year period.


What is Camp Luther’s present financial picture?

  •          There is no outstanding debt and the stable financial picture includes a reserve of funds.


How can I get more information about these plans?

  •          The Camp Luther website ( has regular updated information about the plans to expand and renew the kitchen, dining hall and chapel spaces.


What is the exciting news about Camp Tulahead, Princeton, BC?

  •          Camp Tulaheads leadership is gifting the entire property (approximately 97 acres) to Camp Luther to continue on this ministry and outreach. Camp Tulahead would become a part of our Camp Luther Association.


Who is on the 2022 Camp Luther Board? 

  •         Anthony Forstbauer, Ron Friesen, Matthew Tressel, Lisa Dewar, Glen Fluevog, Tyson Kliem, Andrew Learmonth, Chris Pederson, Kevin Ratcliffe, Judy Strain, Brent Thompson